About who am I and why I am here…!!!!!

Like you, I have always striven to do best in all aspects of my life. Be it studies, basketball, mastering piano, communication skills, I am the best child, best student everyone could dream of. But one day one of my friends asked me a simple question, she said, “So, you’re the apple of everyone’s eye, everyone loves you, you are born in a privileged family, you have a perfect life as a doctor, you must be in love with your life..how does that feel..??!!! I said it feels OK. Really, just OK???. That simple question opened a lot of question in my mind. Was I really happy? Was this it? I always knew there was something missing, but What is it??

I wanted to create a difference in everyone’s life, help them improve their lives, whatever they could. But I wasn’t satisfied to do it on a small-scale as a physician, I wanted to touch each and every soul on this planet. And what would be a better platform than writing..??!!

Well, that’s my story. After writing private journals years after years, I realized that we all are so wrapped up in our own lives, that we forget to see the bigger picture. We forget that we are all here for a bigger purpose. What my purpose is I do not know. Yes, I will be honest. But I firmly believe that this blog is a start to something big.

Through this blog I intend to highlight the simple things in life, how to un-complicate life. I firmly believe that you all can relate to the topics of these blogs to some aspect of our lives.

Do visit the blog posts and give your views and suggestions. After all we all are here to learn from each other. See you around.

931 thoughts on “About who am I and why I am here…!!!!!

      1. Aha…isn’t writing amazing. We all have some reason we are writing. It’s a release of our inner soul. I want to inspire people with my writing. And I think it is wonderful. Thank you for taking out time to reply on my blog.
        Best to you

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  1. Thanks for the comments on my posts! I love your positive outlook.
    I like sharing what’s on my mind, whether it be music, Psychology, whatever.
    Take care, keep writing and keep playing piano. Music heals!

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  2. Thanks for the visit – early days for my blog, and nice to know someone has read at least some of it🙂 . some really inspiring thoughts in yours🙂

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  3. Hahaha! I can hardly believe I got your like today & I clicked in your ‘about’ because? Well? Because this is what I wrote for the back page of my books from here on out. Your about tempts me to quote this to you so? Perhaps you would be inclined to check the book I’ll post later on tonight. OK? Here it goes.

    (Excerpt), Very well? Here it goes. Who am I? How many of us human beings are continuously asking such question? A great deal of us? Indeed! Rare is the person who insists in knowing his/hers self but? The truth of the matter is that? What they know is only a bias view of themselves whether they want to admit or not. Such is not my opinion. It is only my observation on the basis of what I have learned of human nature. Again? Who am I? Me? How many times have I asked such question myself? And to who or whom are we addressing such question? Me? I thought to be addressing the concept that I had about my Father/Creator and? I was not too far from the mark but? I really was asking amidst because? I did not know my Father in a personal way as I do now. Regardless? Our Father/Creator is not a concept at all and by and by? He has given different answers to me about who am I?
    Our Father/Creator speaks in many different Scriptural ways—in dreams, in visions, in inconspicuous daily incidents that we call coincidences and sometimes? Almost in an audible way so? I have gotten many answers to my question ‘Who am I’? Only let me tell you the last answer that my Father gave to my question “Who am I?” because? It’s most appropriate for this last page writing.
    I was in South Africa. It was the eve of my 70th birthday. I was to leave S.A. in route to the Land of Jerusalem the next day. I was reading in Jeremiah 29:10,11. Hum? Again I questioned, “Who am I?” for an answer? I was led to read in the book of Revelations or the Apocalypse. Revelation 1:19,20. I reread, ‘the seven stars are the seven angels (messengers) of the seven assemblies (churches)’. I thought, ‘angels (messengers)’? Ha! I AM AN ANGEL! I concluded as I roared in laughter of such a thought because of my warped concept of that word! But truly? In all honesty? Father sent me to these regions of the world as a messenger to His children amidst this jungle of the Middle East. Now? After much testing & eating the bread of affliction? The answer to “Who am I?” is clear in my mind. I am a messenger delivering His message not only in this region of the world but also to all of His children scattered in the four corners of the earth. Oh? How can this be? Easy. Through the waves of the Internet? The blogs created by yours truly carrying such message? Swiftly, Effectively, Victoriously The Message Travels Through The Waves Of The Net! Destination? The Heart & Mind Of Each One Of Our Father/Creator’s children! Such is my hope? A sure thing accordingly to Romans 8. Thanks for your reading. His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.🙂

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      1. Thanks! You think is doing good to people? I mean? What I write? I keep writing anyhow. Father says He is working things out for all of us and all I have to do in my part is to write, write, and write some more! He gives me so much! But never anymore than what I can take. Not to worry. All is well with my soul. Maybe today I’ll post that book I need to post but some reason I haven’t yet. Keep checking. Thanks for your comment & your likes.🙂 http://www.thia-basilia.com/

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  4. Empress,
    Thank you for liking my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts as well as your “about” page. Many of us aren’t quite sure what our purposes is in life. I think sometimes we expect it to be this huge incredible thing, but more often than not our purpose is perhaps a series of small kind gestures. That said, you have succeeded. Receiving your like to my blog brought me a well needed smile. Thanks again. Keep on blogging.

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  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Great to see that you want to inspire others! As my blog is relatively new, I am offering free coaching sessions to the first 10 people that interact with it. You are one of them! If you fancy a free coaching session on anything in your life, then feel free to email me. If you don’t, then I look forward to reading your posts from now on. Best Wishes, Athina

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  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my latest post. This article is great. I believe finding our purpose is one of the most important things we can do in our lives. Only then can we truly share our gifts where they are needed. 🙂

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  7. I love your introduction here … as it touches where I’m coming from as well … Sometimes I think I shouldn’t share when life gets hard … but then it seems our sharing how we get through it might help someone else … and for the most part … Life is Very Good. It is a journey, and we are each on our own, but there is a coming together also, and we can lift and inspire each other as we go through the hills and valleys.

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  8. Very interesting blog, haha. I hope to read more about how you see the world. Many people are content with just living their own lives, but they’ll just end at that. As long as you try and are sincere, I believe you will reach many haha

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