About who am I and why I am here…!!!!!

Like you, I have always striven to do best in all aspects of my life. Be it studies, basketball, mastering piano, communication skills, I am the best child, best student everyone could dream of. But one day one of my friends asked me a simple question, she said, “So, you’re the apple of everyone’s eye, everyone loves you, you are born in a privileged family, you have a perfect life as a doctor, you must be in love with your life..how does that feel..??!!! I said it feels OK. Really, just OK???. That simple question opened a lot of question in my mind. Was I really happy? Was this it? I always knew there was something missing, but What is it??

I wanted to create a difference in everyone’s life, help them improve their lives, whatever they could. But I wasn’t satisfied to do it on a small-scale as a physician, I wanted to touch each and every soul on this planet. And what would be a better platform than writing..??!!

Well, that’s my story. After writing private journals years after years, I realized that we all are so wrapped up in our own lives, that we forget to see the bigger picture. We forget that we are all here for a bigger purpose. What my purpose is I do not know. Yes, I will be honest. But I firmly believe that this blog is a start to something big.

Through this blog I intend to highlight the simple things in life, how to un-complicate life. I firmly believe that you all can relate to the topics of these blogs to some aspect of our lives.

Do visit the blog posts and give your views and suggestions. After all we all are here to learn from each other. See you around.

979 thoughts on “About who am I and why I am here…!!!!!

      1. When I started blogging I had no clue how to…and didn’t even know what it was blogging I mean. Blogging was suggested by my ex-girlfriend. She knew I love sports and love to write so she suggested I combine the two.

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