I am an unrealistic Optimist….??!!….Yes I am and I am proud of it. I get ridiculed often times (actually all the time) and my dear ones try to protect me in any way possible from going overboard in my thoughts and actions. So, from the normal reality of my present life to what one should do to live in this society, such realities are pushed into my brain in a hope that sense would prevail and I would (like everyone else) get into the mode of living a “normal sane life”and tread the path that many before me have followed. But then that little voice inside me, that spark of creativity playfully like a child smiles and tells me “We will make it one day,Girl!! Hold on!!.

I know you must be thinking, “Yea, we got the voice too but we got to go to work tomorrow & everyday for the good part of our lives, work hard, earn money, pay off loans, and dream of a brighter future for our kids”. Well, I say I am no different, I will go to work too, juggle with people, spring in a new idea to my boss and try to get a raise. But hey, how long can you really keep up with that?! Be honest to yourself if not to anyone else.

We all have an alter reality, a creativity which keeps on reminding us of “what ifs?”. No, they aren’t distractions, they are who we really are!!

Now, I am not saying give up your jobs and pursue your passions. We are all scared of doing something different, of…failing..but we are missing out on the experiences our creativity has to offer. Don’t give up on it! Pursue it everyday in any tiny way possible. Nothing is impossible until we give up on it. Make SMART goals for your passions too. Who knows where they will lead us. Have courage, have patience, have faith.

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What do we really want in life..??

FeaturedWhat do we really want in life..??

What do we really want in life. Well, in India, most of the time (till today) our parents answer this question for us. They chose the school we should (well yea..coz at that time we were too busy eating the orange and cola coloured toffees aka “Candies”), they chose the stream we should pursue to make a good career (not trying to sound old, but some of us didn’t have a choice here), graduate and get a great job (after all we don’t want us to be criticised by our parents in front of Uncles and Aunties for not being able to do well in life), get married to a “WELL-SETTLED” person and then do the same things to our kids and the vicious cycle continues.

But, what do we really want.

Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.” – Author Unknown

Life speaks to us in many ways, and trust me I am not trying to be philosophical here. I can prove it. Well, think about those times when we are getting “Bhand” (pardon my language, but it makes it real) with our friends and we are in that feeling of “I don’t give a *beep* what the world wants me to do”. We talk about stuff which we are passionate about, thing that we want to do in life. We could be an engineer, MBA in profession, or a doctor, but maybe what we really wanted to do in life was “Play Tennis” or “Become a writer” or “Run a business” or “Just get married and raise kids (I have all respect for he mothers in the world, its a tough job to raise kids like us:P). And trust me “Being Bhand” with friends is just one of the many occasions when life really speaks from within you.

Now, either you will ask me “Then, why don’t we do what we really want?” or if you are idealistic aka practical, you will say “Life is not easy ok, you have to earn money”. Well, first things first, I am not trying to say I am a specialist in life, coz if I would have been, I would have been a billionaire already and spending my life on my yacht, traveling to some exotic country, not sitting 12 hours in front of my computer and still earning thousands by the minute. Well, I am not here to give you “Gyan” about why we don’t do what we are so passionate about doing. We all have our reasons starting from “Laziness – Procrastination – Lack of time – Lack of money, Honey!”.

But, a few tips to “Stay happy, even if your life is not perfect” with a disclaimer that these are my views (and I am a little crazy, like really), so you may or may not like or follow them, no hard feelings and also since I have started a blog, well I got to write something.

1. Stop Cribbing – Look, I agree cribbing or venting out your troubles to someone takes the load off your chest and makes your feel lighter. Agreed. But it depends to a large extent on the person who is listening to you. Let things go yaar, life is too short, apologise if you do wrong, say thank you more often, smile or shut up even when the lava is about to burst out from your head.

2. Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen – Very cliche, I know, but what’s wrong in thinking something that gives us a high for a few moments in a day. How about thinking about good moments which bring a smile to your face and looking into the future in a positive way. Negative soch ke bhi kya kar ledge, so atleast be positive about it.

3. If you can’t do anything positive about it, give it time rather than taking hasty decisions and ruining it.

4. Take out time for your passion – I know, no one has time. But hey, we all take out time to have dinner with someone special, or watch some american sitcom season episode back-to-back coz its easier. Take out some time for yourself even if it means earning a little less money.

5. Look back at the greatest accomplishments in your life and remind yourself about them again and again. Its feels good. I don’t have many accomplishment, infact none, but I am glad how far I have come in life (even if its just age wise :P, people die everyday, atleast I am alive :P)that is something to be grateful about.

So why am I writing about all these above things and making it a long boring read?? WHAT’S MY POINT?

The point is simple. Just be happy in life, no matter what the situation, less money, thankless job, too much work load, sleepless nights, Pain in the ass boss, politics, relationships or whatever, just be happy like a mad person (don’t stress too much on mad, we all are anyways our own special brand of crazy). You have a lot of things to be thankful about in life. Be thankful about them. Smile, laugh, be special, be unique. Hell, this is your life, and you can’t spoil it by being negative or too serious.

As I mentioned earlier, these are my opinions only, you can do whatever you want. But if you have read the entire thing and are reading this line, think about what I have written atleast once.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Make Peace with Yourself

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Make Peace with Yourself

The world is a mirror reflection of your dominant thought. Even if you are in the best of your moods and something spoils it, it’s that hidden inner dominant feeling which was camouflaged by the outer happy mood. The universe is trying to remind you that you have unresolved issues that you need to take care off within yourself.

Well, that pretty much sums up my entire day today. It made me smile on my drive back home. Life is so simple, if we see it with a non-judgmental perspective. If anyone says something to you and you feel offended, its your unresolved ego issue or insecurity that is making you feel bad. You should be thanking the other person (mentally of course, or else you will be tagged as crazy) to help you identify that feeling in you.

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

So, today I am making peace with this “Dark” aspect of myself, thank it for its advice and promise to keep learning, growing and developing in future. Allow your self -confidence and strength to radiate from you. Life is an on going process and the journey becomes so much simpler when you learn to adapt an attitude of Self – forgiveness.

Did you make peace with anything today? How was your day?


Daily Dose of Inspiration – Patience

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Patience

Patience and Manifesting: The Law of Attraction Requires Patience

There is a built in time delay on our requests to the universe, and a cancel order option too. You see the universe knows that sometimes people make wrong choices, so it had to include the time delay and the cancel ability when it created the law of attraction.

The time delay is in place so that random thoughts do not become a reality. Could you imagine the chaos you would have if every thought instantly turned into reality?

How about canceling requests? That one is easy, just request something different. You can only have a few requests working simultaneously so by diverting energy from what you do not desire into what you do will effectively cancel the request. Doubting that it will come to pass is also a good way to cancel a request, and often is the reason for your desire to improperly manifest.

So it is with life, the universe and manifesting. There is no way to make things happen any faster than they are going to. When the time is correct the things you manifested will materialize, no sooner no later. So if your goal was to have a certain item by summer, and the universe knows that it would be better if you get it in the winter, then it will arrive in the winter. When the universe decides it; then that is the way it will happen.

You have the free will and the choice to decide for yourself what you desire your life to be. The universe loves and will grant your desires, in due time and not one iota faster.

So when you create, when you manifest, wait until the time is right and you will have all you truly desire.


Daily Dose of Inspiration – Disciplined Thinking

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Disciplined Thinking

Thought is a subtle conscious energy that is more powerful than nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are created by the use of subtle energy within the atoms. This atomic energy is very small and subtle but it has the potential to destroy a planet. This is how powerful subtle energy is and thought is the energetic force that focus subtle energy into physical manifestation.

Because thought is so powerful, it is considered one of the core energetic substances of Creation. It is one of the most basic processes use for manifesting energy into matter.

To effectively manifesting your desires, you will need to reduce distractions as much as possible and discipline your mind. You will also need to think about your desires on a regular basis and have faith that the Universe will allow them to manifest. To reduce distractions, you will need to watch less TV because it is full of negative subliminal messages. You will also need to learn how to meditate

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Not My Problem

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Not My Problem

It’s not your problem, if others don’t think and feel the same way as you do. You should be least bothered about it. We care what others think when we seek validation to our thoughts. We seek evidence of the creation of our thoughts, and since our thoughts doesn’t manifest into reality immediately, we try to seek that validation from others. And if others don’t believe in what we say, we give up.

My question is WHY?

Why do you want to give up on a thought which has arisen within you just because someone else does not believe in it or does not understand it. Why aren’t we the centre of our own universe seeking validation from within, trusting the non-tangible intuition.

Intuition, gut feeling, know it in my bones are tools given to all mankind. They can be used to accomplish anything. We weren’t sent on this earth with no tools. Our mind, our thoughts were our tools.

But what do we do?

We close our minds. We think thoughts that other want us to think. We tread the path that has been taken by millions us before us. And to top it all, we expect a different result by doing the things that others have done.

Want something different in life? Then have the courage to do what your inner voice tells you. What others thing of you and your thoughts is NOT YOUR PROBLEM!


Daily Dose of Inspiration – Pure Thoughts

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Pure Thoughts

The longer we are able to hold a positive thought, the stronger that energy around us becomes.

If we make no effort at all, our thoughts usually scatter in a vast array of directions. They start and stop and move in surprising ways from one second to the next. If we try to follow our thoughts without controlling them, we will be amazed at how truly inconsistent they are. Yet, if we apply our minds to a specific task, especially one that interests us, they gather together and allow us to focus our attention, creating great power and energy. This is what is known as pure thought, because it is undistracted.

If pure thought is a body, it is our emotions that supply the heart that can really bring it to life. Our thoughts and feelings exist in relation to one another, and they form a feedback loop through which they communicate and empower each other. When we hold a thought in our mind without being distracted, we have achieved pure thought. When we have a positive emotional response to that thought, we enable it to dance and move and breathe itself into existence.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Inner Peace

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Inner Peace

Most of us seem to go through life completely dependent on what is happening around us for our own inner peace or happiness. It is as if what goes on in our lives controls our inner state of mental or emotional wellbeing.

There seems to be no other way for a while – the only way to feel good is to have what we want in our “exterior” world- relationships, possessions, status, things “going well”. We are conditioned to believe that all these things have to make us happy, because most of the world knows no different. We often demand that situations and circumstances fulfill us. Eventually you come to realise that this doesn’t work. Situations change. What makes you feel good therefore has complete power over you to make you feel bad. Things that you desired and believed that once achieved or acquired could make you at peace, fulfilled or happy, seem to lose their fulfilling quality after a while, or they get destroyed or go away leaving you feeling unhappy again.

There is no other way to say it, but this. Real, authentic happiness comes from within. It is already there, now. What covers it up are many thoughts and emotions that you identify with, meaning that you are lost in them, lost in the ego.

Go Figure! And if you can make things any clearer, do leave a comment.

Peace Out

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Appreciation

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Appreciation

Appreciation is key in all relationships. Thank yous validate people, it makes them know they matter, it makes them feel better about themselves, and it deepens your relationship together. Appreciation helps people develop skills and awareness of the needs of others, and what it means to be of service and give back to the world in big and small ways. Appreciation has a way of being contagious, and creating positive energy that stays with the people and the place. Thank yous can be big or small, simple or elaborate, but they must be genuine, and timely (on the spot or very soon, or they lose some of their effect). Sometimes they can be silent; we’ve all loved the special look we get from a partner, friend or relative that we know means “thank you and I love you.”

I am a little selfish. I believe what you give out comes back to you many folds. So give genuine appreciation to others and it will come back to you!! Positivity brings back positivity!!