Your Soul is your God Self!!  Pure and simple! In fact, you are not just a human trying to have a spiritual experience; rather you are God having a human experience!

Why don’t we understand it already?

Our problem is that we don’t realize that we have this amazing, absolutely loving, all forgiving God foundation of ourselves.  Instead, we feel cut off, abandoned, without worth, guilty, powerless, and so on that makes us miserable.  This condition is generally known in spiritual parlance as “duality.” Plus we may have some really outdated residual conceptions that we may have learned from other sources who would like to control us in their institutions by encouraging us to believe that God is really judgmental and punishes us “sinners” whenever He gets a chance—producing profound guilt, disconnect and general mayhem in our relationship with that God.But on the other hand, when you actually get to know that God—your own Soul, you find that It is the very most loving and supporting energy that you could every experience!

Soul can also have us face some seeming difficulty.  But that is because Soul wants us to change—and change to the extent that we no longer experience that situation as a block to calmness, happiness and ease.  So, hanging onto Soul in the midst of challenges and change is so very important and so very rewarding as we are healed of those blocks.  For instance, we may believe wholeheartedly that if we gained a certain position, got a certain mate, or made a certain amount of money that we would be really happy.  But in fact, we learn that as we relax all that hurtful striving, fear and worry to live comfortably with/as Soul—that is when our real happiness comes to us!  Living from Soul can then open the door for our very best work in the world to develop, the best mate to appear—or our own mate to change, or to receive satisfying prosperity in ways we couldn’t have predicted!  And then we can work with Soul to improve our lot in life as we work in full partnership with Soul.


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