Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow : Our concepts of time—and how we process it in the brain—are based on our understanding of physical space, with some surprising cultural variations.

The reason procrastination is so difficult to deal with might be tied to our perception of time and the difference between how we see our present and future selves. So even though we know that a year from now we will be the same person we are today, most of us lack any sort of empathy or emotional connection to that future version of ourselves. And so we “delegate” important tasks to our future selves without realizing that present us and future us is the same person. And that person will have to suffer the consequences.

One of the best things we can do is to forgive ourselves for procrastinating. Yes, as naïve as it may sound, it is surprisingly effective. The most useful advice is to stop waiting until we’re in the right mood to perform a certain task. Like Really?, No Really! Hear Me Out. We need to realize that our belief that our emotional state has to match our current task is extremely counterproductive. Ignore how you feel about doing something and just do it.

Don’t agree with me? So, lets here your thoughts then…!!!


12 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Inspiration – Tomorrow

  1. What must be done and our emotions about it are irrelevant. Just is our emotions are to reality, counterproductive indeed. On a daily basis this is difficult for must to succumb to but it is reality nonetheless. Thanks for your perspective, great work!

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  2. I think for some “tasks” action without the right emotions can also be counterproductive. If I draw, paint, write without the a good feeling and mindset then these tasks become forced, not enjoyed and probably not beneficial in the long run. Creativity and emotion go more or less hand in hand for me.

    Depends what you call tasks though I suppose.

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  3. Hi, my name is Alex, I used to be a procrastinator until I learned not to be one. It’s been a long time since I procrastinated but I think about it every day. Then I realize, wait, there is no tomorrow, only today, and then I just do it.

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