Feel It..Can You?

Feel It..Can You?

I don’t know what it means to feel anymore.

I want to feel love. I want to feel excitement. I want to feel happiness where I can throw my head back and laugh completely. Life has become a vicious task of interacting with people for the sake of social integration. I can’t seem to stay interested in things people do or say. I started on the quest of finding my own passions, but nothing seems too interesting anymore, like the zest for life that used to be there just kinda vanished. Almost everything is only interesting for a few instances, and then becomes boring and monotonous.

Even MAJOR life events don’t seem to register the same feeling they once did. Looking at fancy cars don’t bring in the same joy. Emotional turbulence, Maybe? Anxiety, hell YES. That constant jittery feeling in the centre just below the chest, hmmm.

I want to feel emotions again, but at the moment nothing will set me off. People say take it easy. Can’t do, the anxiety is killing. 

Should happiness or pleasure be the desires in life? I mean look around you, who is happy anyways, maybe they are all faking it at some level. I just hope whatever it is, this phase, it passes soon. 

Do you feel like that too? 


Love Inspiration Quote of the Day 

Holding on to yourself after falling in love won’t just make you happier down the line—it will also make you a better, more honest partner. Remember your goals, make family & friends your priority, have your own hobbies. We’ve all seen it, whether in someone else or in ourselves: A woman (or man) falls in love and, somewhere along the way, forgets themselves and fades into half a person. Don’t do tht to yourself. Be smart and take care because no one else will.

Love is Difficult

Love is Difficult

Love is messy. Love is being vulnerable, and vulnerability means imperfection. Love is showing parts of yourself that aren’t beautiful, or rather are ugly. It means being honest in your ugliness. It means nights that aren’t romantic. It means nights that are “real” instead when you are all out there trying to understand yourself and the other person over a phone call.

I’m not saying fireworks don’t exist. Damn they Do. The dizziness after a soft kiss, the blank mind when you see someone after a long time, but fireworks aren’t the only thing that matters.


Love is not a mutual benefit scheme. Love is subject to RISKS…Oh yeah..!!! Unfortunately there are no offer documents which can be read carefully before taking the plunge. It’s a avalanche.  You are not only are responsible for the sea of insecurities arising out of your vulnerabilities, but you also are responsible for the reactions arising out of the other person.

Love is Difficult - empress2inspire@wordpress.com
Love is Difficult

Love is not convenient. Yes, accept it. It takes your time, effort, sweat, blood…..oh wait..it takes your “life”. If you are one of those who think love is a natural flow of wonderful things happening consecutively then either you are angelic (oh yes..there is definitely an “angel” loving you) or you are delusional (oh wait..is that an “angel” or a shrink :P). It is not a great thing to do in life because it eats you up, tears you down.

“I Love You” versus “I am in Love with You” 

If you have to “be in love” with someone, then its better you don’t love. Yes, please spare yourself and the other person, there are plenty of people in this world to screw with. If you are too scared to be hurt again and your guard is up all the time, then you are just making the situation safe and convenient for yourself and the other. Love is different, love is “accepting” something which you never thought you could!!! Love is being with someone knowing and accepting that yes I will be hurt most days.

Love involves uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure….. scary. It will make you cry again, yes you will be hurt in the end. Love is you oscillating between, “I am here and I love you“…”and I’m going to reveal my hidden best & worst to you“…”and I am scared to death that you’ll never understand me” and “you will move on!!

Still daring to love…please knock yourself out..go nuts!!

Are you really listening to what I am saying?

Are you really listening to what I am saying?

In a world where emotional intelligence and mindfulness are the main topics of all mainstream trainings and workshops, we are bombarded with too many tools, which leave us puzzled. I often think after listening to a podcast or reading an article, that ok, I read a book and I feel my confidence is up but what are the practical steps I can practice everyday. I have tried affirmations, meditation etc., but I needed something which I could anytime like while walking, travelling, listening etc. I gather that it doesn’t have to be difficult if we start small and keep it simple. So, I sought the most common activity that I do in a day, which is “Interacting with people” and I thought how can I be mindful or increase my “EQ” while listening and talking?

Here are few tips that I came up with which might help you to be present whether is it while talking to someone or simply listening to someone:

  • Do not multi-task – Give the person your full, undivided attention. Most of the people today complain of the other person does not hear them properly, they are either busy on their phones, or typing on their laptops or simply appearing to be not-interesting (rude!!)
  • Recap or Summarize what the person is sharing – Always remember to summarize what the person just told you. It will solve two purposes, one that you will have to give your undivided attention to him/her (step 1) to understand and secondly once you summarize correctly, the person will trust you with more information.
  • WAIT !! – Yes, stop and think about the person’s query or discussion topic before forming opinions or giving rehearsed answers. Don’t worry, person will appreciate if you will take a pause and answer him what he wants to know or simply know your opinion.
  • Breathe – Simple, isn’t it. Remember to breathe as it brings your focus to what’s most important at that moment – which is? – The person in front of you.

So, what so you think? Are they easy enough for you? Please share your thoughts!!