Daily Dose of Inspiration – Consistency Is Key

Maintaining a desirable vibration will consistently create desirable experiences. An inconsistent vibration will create inconsistent results. This information is very important and very valuable, because it can help you obtain more attractive results when applying the law of attraction to your life.

If you were to only think about what you want a few times each day as if it is in your current reality, you would only be feeling the feelings of living your dreams for a small portion of each day and due to the law of attraction, you would only attract a few experiences that match the vibration you have maintained for short periods of time.

In order to truly generate the type of results most people would like to generate when utilizing the law of attraction, you must focus on what you want for the majority of each day. As a result of this focus, you will feel as if you already have what you want for the majority of each day and thus attract experiences of having what you want for the majority of each day. It is also important that you avoid activities that make you feel differently than the way you want to feel, the way you would feel if your dreams were a reality for you right now. If you are used to watching TV or listening to others talk about their problems, but these experiences do not make you feel the way you want to feel, then you need to find a way to replace these experiences with experiences that are a better match to what you want.

Its your life, Make it a PRIORITY!!

Daily Dose of Inspiration – I Don’t Care

Daily Dose of Inspiration – I Don’t Care

Why have we allowed this to happen? How have we gotten sucked into the vortex of living a false life — a life that we never defined for ourselves?

It takes courage to say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

It takes courage to say, “This is my life, and I’m making the rules here.”

It takes courage to say, “I don’t give a damn what ‘they’ are doing or saying or admonishing or threatening.”

I just don’t give a damn about political correctness. Human decency, basic manners, and my personal values serve as my guide not some bound up ideas about avoiding offense at the cost of common sense and reality. Sometimes we must have the courage, the guts, sometimes even the anger, to not care about the possible consequences so that we have the freedom to live life on our own terms.

But there is a catch. It is not about not giving a damn, it is knowing when we should and should not. This is one of the keys to living, the ability to discern what we should and should not do and when.

Hence, I don’t really try to live up to the expectations of others because I have to take responsibility for and define my own life. But where possible, I still listen to what they have to say in case I might have missed some crucial insights about a situation. It is good to listen to advice and suggestions, but at the end of the day, we must always form our own conclusions and not blindly follow others.

What’s your philosophy?

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Willpower

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Willpower

A person can be talented, bright and educated, however, without strong willpower and self-discipline, he or she will not accomplish much.

Burning desire is more than a wish or a want or a dream. Wishes, wants and dreams typically come from us, the human individual. Burning desire is something that comes from our spirit. It is as if our Higher Self is compelling us toward something. Burning desire is what animates our purpose and our values. Not necessarily what drives us toward getting a new pair of shoes…unless that pair of shoes stands for independence, achievement or confidence.

When your purpose is animated by burning desire, it does not mean that the path becomes easy; it just means that it becomes certain. Burning desire ensures that you will continue trying, continue getting up after a failure, continue being creative and continue your commitment to see your purpose through. In that there is certainty.

Daily Inspiration – Create Your Life

Only YOU can create your own life!!

Yes that’s true. There is no one who can write the way you have to live your life except for you. You have to create your own opportunities, you own LUCK. YOU, yes..YOU!!

Life isn’t about the opportunities that are handed to us, it is about creating the opportunities we want. When we wait for the perfect opportunity to come our way, we are choosing to let circumstances limit our potential. Some of the happiest and most successful people in the world weren’t given opportunities, but instead, created their own.If you want to do something with your life, find ways to make it happen. Don’t rely on some universal luck or fate. Empower yourself and create your own destiny!

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Be Strong

Change is painful, but inevitable. Sometimes you won’t understand what’s happening, you may think things are not meant to be. You may feel dejected, sad. But STOP!! Stop being miserable, stop giving up. Don’t back down. You are at the dawn of a new lesson in your life. Keep working, don’t stop. Scared of something? Face it with your head held high.The truth is, most people give up on their dream. Most people give up on their dream to live the average lifestyle. But it really doesn’t matter what most people do, because you are different! You will never give up on your dream! You will not listen to the average! You will always listen to the winner in you! You will believe in yourself when no one else does. You will believe in yourself when you have no reason to believe and you will never quit!!