Daily Dose of Inspiration – Clear Your Mind

The mind loves to chew on problems like a dog chews on a bone. That’s good – it means the mind is looking for a solution. Great job, mind! The problem is, it’s trying to solve problems using the same beliefs and thought habits that created the problems in the first place! Those mental habits created the vibration that attracted the situation. Now the mind skips around on the same thoughts, like a scratched CD and it can’t get out of the infinite loop.

The mind isn’t used to getting stuck in this infinite loop when you’re thinking something positive – but you can train it to!

You don’t notice this background noise most of the time. But sometimes negative thoughts jump into your awareness with a “pick me, pick me!” urgency. Frustrating! You know you can’t solve the problem (if you could, you would have) yet you can’t stop thinking about it!

Some of the ways in which you can clear you mind are mentioned below. However, if there is anything else you would wish to do, knock yourself out but at the same time, do mention them in the comments below 🙂

  1. Meditation is your best tool for clearing your mind and making room for silence. Mental silence is like an empty vessel into which you can pour the wisdom of your soul; new thought habits; positivity; love; and present-focus. During meditation, choose a point of focus and become fascinated with it. 
  2. Take a walk – but don’t use the time to worry! Practice walking meditation, where you’re acutely aware of the mechanics of walking; or go walk with someone who is upbeat and positive!
  3.  Immerse yourself in what you love to do and/or in something challenging. Your mind goes silent when you are absorbed in some activity that you find engrossing or challenging.
  4. Clear your space. Your physical spaces (home, car, work) are a direct reflection of your mental state. Too many thoughts in your mind? Look at the state of your desk, your kitchen, the back seat of your car, your bedroom floor… clear the physical clutter and you will create free energy flow in your surroundings; this will help you clear the mental clutter as well! It’s a very liberating feeling to let go of things and thoughts!
Daily Dose of Inspiration – WIP (Work in Progress)

“I am a work in progress”

This isn’t a new phrase, I didn’t write it, it’s a quote most of us have heard and probably said about ourselves at some point in our lives, the meaning is quite simple, we just aren’t the finished article, we are still learning, there is much to learn before we are complete.

But the thing is, we will never be complete, as perfection is the only state of complete and the only thing that is perfect is God, we can’t become God, we will never attain a level close to God, we are human, we are forever destined to fall short of God’s expectations for us, but he loves us anyway.

“but I have to work in order to progress”

But just because we are all a work in progress, it shouldn’t just stop, unless we let it, we are human after all, we can easily become complacent, I know I have too many times in my life and I continue to allow complacency a part in my life everyday, I know that, I have to overcome that, but I like many just become comfortable with certain aspects of my daily existence that I fall short of my expectation’s, never mind God’s.

To progress takes effort, we cannot move forward just be standing still, if we stand still not moving it takes an outside influence to move, a push, the wind and even God, but they are only small cumbersome steps taken in resentment, not open hearted, we resist and when we resist the lessons often bypass us.

Quite simply, to be the work in progress, we have to put in the effort, we have to work in order to progress, we have to embrace that which is before us and resolve to approach it with all we have and all we are, only then can we progress, without that we just stand still or stutter slowly forward.

This goes for anything in life, it goes for anything we do or learn, unless we put the effort in progress will be slow or none existent. 

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Zip It!!

We all have huge personal goal we want to accomplish: A big, challenging, amazing goal. We think about it, dream about it, obsess about it… but we never accomplish it. That could be because we also talked about it, because according to some studies, people who talk about their intentions are less likely to follow through on those intentions.

Announcing your plans to others satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed.

Once you’ve told people of your intentions, it gives you a “premature sense of completeness”. You have “identity symbols” in your brain that make your self-image. Since both actions and talk create symbols in your brain, talking satisfies the brain enough that it “neglects the pursuit of further symbols.

Psychological researchers have been studying the intention-behavior gap, and the stuff that affects it, since the 1920’s. Basically, we as humans like to dream. A lot. We have tons and tons of dreams, goals, and fantasies. We are also (usually) smart enough to see the first steps we need to take in order to achieve these goals. Oftentimes the first step is right in front of us, whether it be a quick phone call or an application.

There’s another thing about us humans, though; we seem to have trouble actually taking that first step. And the steps after that? Friggin’… FORGET IT! Those steps are taken even less frequently. That’s why those psychologists call it the intention-behavior gap.

It may seem unnatural to keep your intentions and plans private, but try it. If you do tell a friend, make sure not to say it as a satisfaction (“I’ve joined a gym and bought running shoes. I’m going to do it!”), but as dissatisfaction (“I want to lose 20 pounds, so kick my ass if I don’t, OK?”)






Daily Dose of Inspiration – Wonderful Life

It happens to the best of us: Sometimes it seems like our lives don’t matter. Whether you are in the depths of depression or have survived an assault on who you are, or even if you are just having a really bad day, sometimes it seems like, “My life doesn’t matter.” However: That thought is wrong. Your life does matter.

And do you know why your life is wonderful right now? Here’s why:

  1. There is food in your stomach. – The next time you eat something (which probably won’t be very far off), give thanks that every time you’re feeling hungry, you can eat at any time. There are many people around the world, for whom a full belly is a rarity. So remember to never take for granted the fact that for you, a hot dinner is never far away.
  2. You get to sleep every night in a warm and comfortable bed. – Not everyone gets to come home from a long, exhausting day and then throw themselves down onto their comfy bed. Again, this is something so simple and (to us) mundane, but when you really think about it – what would it be like to not have a bed to sleep in every night? For many that is a very real reality. So as you lay, tucked up and comfy in your bed tonight – take note of how good it feels.
  3. You are loved. – At times you may try to convince yourself otherwise, but there’s no denying it – there are people who love you. Be it family, friends, a partner, your co-workers or neighbors…you are loved…and this is arguably the most significant blessing in your life. Love is the very essence of life – so make sure to never squander or take it for granted.
  4. You have choices. – Perhaps the biggest luxury we take for granted in our modern society, is our freedom of CHOICE. What you want to do for a career…which passions you pursue…who you choose to love…when you have children…which area you live in…your education…our lives are entirely filled with choices.
  5. You have a roof over your head and security. – When you think about it, the roof over your head at night keeping you dry and safe is definitely something to smile about. You are protected from the elements, safe to sleep soundly in the protection of four walls. What’s not to appreciate?
  6. There is oxygen in your lungs. – An obvious one, but surely something to smile about? After all, without a continuous and fresh supply of oxygen, where would you be? Breathing is something we all take for granted, until perhaps, we aren’t able to any more. Plus, you can transform your entire day with a single breath.

So go on, celebrate this extraordinary gift that gets so little of our attention. Stay Happy. Stay Blessed. You are universal consciousness.


Daily Dose of Inspiration – Not Allowed

The only thing standing in your way towards happiness is you; no one else is allowed to set up limits for you but you, nor there should be. No matter what kind of problems you’re dealing with, how old you are or where you live, you deserve to be happy – it’s as simple as that. It’s time to face the fact that you’re in control of your future, and finally do something about it!

  1. Give up unresolved relationships – Every person in the world has their past, and that’s something you can’t change. But, it’s not like you can’t deal with it and move on, right? A huge part of the past that’s dragging us down is usually related to romantic relationships. It’s hard on all of us to accept a certain fact, and stop wondering how all that effort has gone to waste. In order to make room for happiness in your life, you need to give up dwelling on the past, and start thinking about the bright future that’s in front of you.
  2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs – The key difference between the life you’re living now versus the life you were meant to live comes down to your own limiting beliefs. A limited belief is a belief that dis-empowers you from the life you want. Sometimes these beliefs are so ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t even realize they are guiding our behavior. So, guess what, if you keep telling yourself that you will never be “x” or that you aren’t that “type” of person, that is exactly the result that you will get.
  3. The Approval Of Others – Who gives a sh*t what other people think? If you are happy with the decisions you have made, then whose business is that but your own? Think of how much you could achieve if you stopped letting other people’s opinions dictate the way you live your life. Do you, and engage in whatever actions you think might better your life.
  4. Idea Of A Perfect Partner – There is no such thing as a perfect partner, so throw your checklist out the window. In life, what prevents us from moving forward is looking at the perfect image of a partner we concoct in our minds. Find the right person for you: one that you can love with all your heart, one you feel comfortable with and one that accepts you for the person you are. The sooner you realize there isn’t one perfect person out there for you, the better off you will be.
  5. Perfect Life – Just like there is no perfect partner, there is also not a perfect life. Life is what you put into it, so if you are not willing to work hard and put forth effort, you will most likely end up miserable. The choices you make will directly reflect the life you lead. It is up to you to create the best possible world for yourself.
  6. The Need For Control – Sometimes you just need to let life happen the way it is meant to. You cannot spend your life stressing about things that are outside of your control. Try to relax, and let things play out naturally. Embrace the unknown, as this is where you will be surprised the most. Let yourself be whisked into unforeseen endeavors, and relish in the excitement they bring.

Remember, life can either be something you embrace or something you hide from. Stop making things complicated and just live your life. It would be so much simpler and more enjoyable if we learned to just release certain limitations.



Daily Dose of Inspiration – Gratitude

The importance of gratitude: Please be thankful, it’s for your own good.

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness about something you have been given. 

Technically, taking in the good is the deliberate internalization of positive experience in implicit memory.  It involves four simple steps:

  1. Notice feelings of gratitude or gladness that are already present in your mind. Perhaps there is a background sense of being glad about where you live, or you’re pleased that your child is in a good mood today. As you go about your day, be particularly attentive to any feelings of gratitude or gladness that naturally arise. Also create an experience of gratitude or gladness by look- ing for things to feel grateful for or glad about. They could be seemingly small or simple. Perhaps something nice happened recently, or you have enough food, or you have a friend who likes you. 
  2.  Open to gratitude and gladness. Explore what these experiences are like, and keep them going. Gently help them become as rich and intense as possible, filling your whole body. Open to related feelings such as joy, ease, or fulfillment. Embody gratitude and gladness by smiling, bouncing up and down in delight, softening your face, or reaching your arms out to the world.
  3. Let gratitude and gladness sink into you. As you give your mind to gratitude and gladness, let yourself feel content, that there is already plenty for you in this moment, and that you don’t need to chase after or hold on to anything more.
  4. Be aware of gratitude and gladness and feelings of disappointment or loss. Keep making gratitude and gladness more prominent, and if you get carried away by the negative mate- rial, drop it from awareness. Sense that gratitude and glad- ness are connecting with any disappointment or loss. Imagine that some of the many things you feel grateful for or glad about are showering down into and gradually filling any emptiness inside. Perhaps gratitude and gladness are touching young parts of you that felt unhappy. Then, when you want, let go of any negative material and stay with the sense of gratitude and glad- ness. A few times over the next hour, a dozen or more seconds at a time, be aware of only neutral or positive material—such as a sense of gratitude and gladness—while also bringing to mind a neutral trigger of disappointment or loss.
Daily Dose of Inspiration – Appreciate

Happiness Is Appreciating The Simple Things In Life. 

The simple things in life are like those stars that shine on a clear night. They’re always there, surrounding us, offering their subtle magic; however, it’s not every day that we stop to look at them and remember that they exist.

Only when life gives us a small or big setback, do we suddenly appreciate what really builds our hearts, what constitutes each of these internal lines that create music and give meaning to our existence.

The main thing is that the key is not to lead a simple life, it is keeping simple thoughts and knowing what is important, what really makes our heart happy and identifies us. From there, all of us are free to build our own micro- universes. Finding pleasure in simplicity is an attitude.  Not all people know how to enjoy the simple things that life offers. Perhaps because some are unable to see them, and others because do not appreciate them and are more inclined toward material attachment, for instant gratification, which does not last. 

If nothing above is making sense, then this will definately. We have to be aware of what our heart tells us. For example, working longer hours may give you the opportunity to have more things, but you are aware that despite everything, you prefer to invest that time in your family.

Living a full life is understanding that every effort is worthwhile, because everything you do makes you happy and gives happiness to your loved ones.