Mindfulness Anytime

FeaturedMindfulness Anytime

Mindfulness is a translation of a word that simply means awareness. It’s a direct, intuitive knowing of what you are doing while you are doing it. It’s knowing what’s going on inside your mind and body, and what’s going on in the outside world as well. There are now thousands of research studies into the uses of mindfulness, and professionals are using mindfulness in Boardrooms, Schools, Prisons, Court rooms and hospitals across the world.  Here are few simple things that you can so anytime anywhere to be more mindful. 

  1. Think Breathing : Breathe in, hold for three counts and exhale. Count seven breaths.
  2. Mindful Drinking : Kick start your body, mix hot water, lemon and cayenne pepper. Taste it.
  3. Do one thing at a time : When eating, just eat, wen checking emails, just check emails.
  4. Notice you senses : What are two things you can taste, touch, smell, hear, right now?
  5. Deep listening : Listen completely and contemplate your response. 
  6. Mindful Eating : Turn of all distractions, explore the textures, flavors and temperature. 
  7. Mindful Walking : Feel your feet connecting with the ground.
  8. Body Scan time : Bring your attention to your body, send the breath to any areas of tension. 

Arent they all simple and doable? Start with one or two exercise everyday and see the change in yourself. Let me know your thoughts. Leave us a comment. 


Self Reflection – Happy Wednesday

FeaturedSelf Reflection – Happy Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week and already I am tired and overwhelmed. Well we all have weeks like these. Quite often people wait for holidays or weekends for self reflection. In my opinion though, self reflection is of utmost importance during the middle of a busy week. 

“The true purpose of self-reflection is to correct our mistaken thoughts and actions, and learn from them, thereby creating a more constructive life. Self-reflection is not just the simple act of discovering past mistakes and making up for these mistakes, like resetting a negative to zero. The ultimate objective of self-reflection is the development of a more positive self and the realization of a utopia on earth as the fulfillment of God’s will.”

~ From the book: Ten Principles of Universal Wisdom

Let us look at some habits which we can inculcate for self reflection and personal growth 

  1. Be honest : Being honest with yourself about how things are going and how you are behaving.
  2. Notice Behaviour Patterns : Be aware of your habit so you can actively weaken the ones you don’t want and strengthen the ones you do want.
  3. Be Able to articulate your core values : Take time to consider what’s most important to you so that you can evaluate whether or not you’re living those values.
  4. Be forgiving : Be gentle with yourself when you don’t get it right. We all make mistakes. 
  5. Keep track of your self-reflection : Start a journal where you record you observations and monitor your personal growth. 

So you do have a self -reflection routine? Share here with the larger community to help others. Looking forward to your comments :). Happy Wednesday!

Divergent Thinking – Root of Creativity

FeaturedDivergent Thinking – Root of Creativity

A research piece promoted by rockstar educationalist, Sir Ken Robinson, attempted to quantify by just how much we actually sucked at divergent thinking. What I have gathered from various research papers is that nurturing of your divergent skills is a lifelong project. So here are a few suggestions.

  1. Write things down : Not all your ideas will be worthwhile, but they might trigger new ideas. Make a list of your thoughts.
  2. Watch for accidents : You can sometimes make the best discoveries when you’re searching for something else.
  3. Reverse the polarity : Write down as many assumptions about the problem as you can think if. Reverse them.
  4. Think in metaphors : A metaphor is a link between two dissimilar things. They open up the creative side of the brain. 
  5. Arrange blind dates : Use “combinatory play” to throw unrelated ideas together to see if they create a new idea.
  6. Steal from other domains : Explore how an idea from one industry or discipline could be adapted to another.
  7. Start from a different place : While the worst ideas can never be the best idea, it will take your imagination to a different staring place.
  8. Think in pictures : Visual thinking can strip a problem down to its essence, leading to profoundly simple connections.
  9. Ask simple questions : Challenge assumptions by posing simple questions. Questions and curiosity kickstart creativity. 

So what type of a thinker are you? Convergent or Divergent? 

Meditation Is Important

FeaturedMeditation Is Important

Intense meditation practices help to achieve a harmony between body and mind. Meditation practices influence brain functions, induce various intrinsic neural plasticity events, modulate autonomic, metabolic, endocrine, and immune functions and thus mediate global regulatory changes in various behavioral states including sleep.

Here are certain fun facts about meditation

  1. Improves Brain Power : It increases gray matter. Brains scans of participants in a meditation stay by Yale. Harvard and Mass General Hospital showed increase in gray matter in parts of the brain, and that meditation may slow natural brain deterioration. The parts of the brain with increased gray matter thickness are related to attention and processing sensory input.
  2. Improves Brain Plasticity : A study of mindfulness meditation practitioners showed an increase in the number of neurons in the brain’s hippocampus (related to learning and memory) and a reduction in the volume of the amygdala (related to anxiety and stress) after just eight weeks. Similar studies have shown increases in the number of the neurons and neuronal connections in the right frontal cortex (concentration), the right insula (emotions), and the right parietal and temporal lobes (touch and sound). 
  3. Improves Sleep : Researchers reported that experienced meditators slept fewer hours than non-meditators and the general population, but were no less alert. Separate research has found that meditation may be an effective behavioral intervention in the treatment of insomnia. 
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure : In reviewing existing existing research, the American Heart Association in 2013 concluded that transcendental meditation lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) contributes to the hardening of the arteries, and to the developmental of heart failure. 

Still thinking if you should make meditation as a daily habit? Think again!!

Let me know your thoughts on meditation. Looking forward to your comments. 

Happy Sunday > Positive Affirmations

FeaturedHappy Sunday > Positive Affirmations

Any action is a reflection of thoughts and the thoughts are directed by a positive or a negative approach. You can become a successful person, if you are influenced to induce your thoughts.  The results of researches show that the working patterns of your body and your thoughts are interconnected with each other.  If you are endowed with a positive frame of mind, you will be able to lift your spirit.  Here are certain positive thoughts for you to consider. Just reading them carefully will uplift your mood and bring you some calm. 

  1. There is no one better to be than myself.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I get better every single day.
  4. I am an amazing person.
  5. All of my problems have solutions.
  6. Today I am a leader.
  7. I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  8. My challenges help me grow.
  9. I am perfect just the way I am.
  10. My mistakes help me learn and grow.
  11. Today is going to be a great day.
  12. I have courage and confidence. 
  13. I can control my own happiness.
  14. I have people who love and respect me.
  15. I stand up for what I believe in.
  16. I believe in my goals and dreams.
  17. It’s okay not to know everything.
  18. Today I choose to think positive.
  19. I can get through anything.
  20. I can do anything I put my mind to.
  21. I give myself permission to make choices. 
  22. I can do better next time.
  23. I have everything I need right now.
  24. I am capable of so much.
  25. Everything will be okay.
  26. I am free to make my own choices.
  27. I deserve to be loved.
  28. I can make a difference.
  29. Today I choose to be confident.
  30. I am in charge of my life.
  31. I have the power to make my dreams come true.
  32. I believe in myself and my abilities. 
  33. Good things are going to come to me.
  34. I matter.
  35. My confidence grows when I step outside of my comfort zone. 
  36. My positive thoughts create positive feelings.
  37. Today I will walk through my fears.
  38. I am open and ready to learn.
  39. Everyday is a fresh start.
  40. If I fell, I will get back up again.
  41. I am whole.
  42. I only compare myself to myself.
  43. I can do anything.
  44. It is enough to do my best.
  45. I can be anything I want to be.
  46. I accept who I am.
  47. Today is going to be an awesome day. 
  48. My strength is greater than my struggle.
  49. I’m fearless.
  50. I can do this. 

Did you feel the shift in your peace within. A small ray of positivity goes a long way. I am so excited to read your thoughts on affirmations. Do leave me comment. 

Listen To Your Emotions

FeaturedListen To Your Emotions

The trick in dealing with big, powerful, or troubling emotional states is to understand first that emotions are always true(about something), but they’re not always right. Here is a list of emotions that you should look out for. See what they are telling you. 

  1. Bitterness shows you where you need to heal, where you’re still holding judgements on others and yourself.
  2. Resentment shows you where you’re living in the past and not allowing the present to be as it is.
  3. Discomfort shows you that you need to pay attention right now to what is happening, because you’re being given the opportunity to change, to do something different than you typically do it. 
  4. Anger shows you what you’re passionate about, where your boundaries are, and what you believe needs to change about the world.
  5. Disappointment shows you that you tried for something, that you did not give in to apathy, that you still care.
  6. Guilt shows you that you’re still living life in other people’s expectations of what you should do.
  7. Shame shows you that you’re internalizing other people’s beliefs about who you should be and that you need to reconnect with yourself.
  8. Anxiety shows you that you need to wake up, right now, and that you need to be present, that you’re stuck in the past and living in fear of the future. 
  9. Sadness shows you the depth of your feelings, the depth of your care for others and this world. 

Do you agree with these meanings? 


How to Stay Happy

FeaturedHow to Stay Happy

Happiness is your birth right, it is your natural state of being, it is the essence of living, it is what we were born to do. Stay Happy. But then there are rainy days, not the ones which encourage umbrella and raincoats, but the downs in life. The heavy rains of life can fall suddenly and pour incessantly for long periods of time and for too many reasons to list here. But let’s focus on being happy on such a rainy day, shall we? So what do we do about it? Here is a list of things you could do stay balanced in life everyday and even on those bad days. 

  1. Express Gratitude > Thank someone and be appreciate towards your colleagues, every single day.
  2.  Give > Give something to another person or make it possible for others to offer gifts.
  3. Help > Help someone who is in need of assistance, or enable people to help each other.
  4. Eat Well > Eat well, and make good, healthy foods easily available for everyone.
  5. Exercise > Exercise and work out regularly and make it easy for people to take care of their bodies.
  6. Rest > Rest well, sleep sufficiently, and enable people to refresh their minds
  7. Experience > Experience new things, try stuff out, and let people run all kinds of experiments.
  8. Hike > Hike outdoors, enjoy nature, and allow people an escape from the office and the city.
  9. Meditate > Meditate and get people to learn and adopt mindfulness practices. 
  10. Socialize > Socialize, relate to other people, and make it easy for colleagues to develop connections.
  11. Aim > Aim for a goal and get people to understand and realize their won purpose.
  12. Smile > Smile whenever you can, appreciate humor, and get colleagues to engage in fun activities. 

The possible responses to such a question can be legion. I would still love to hear from you in the comments about how you have managed to stay happy during the rainy times of your life. What advice would you offer others who were going through hard times?