Daily Dose of Inspiration – Sadness

I am SAD.

I am sad since morning. I can’t think of the reason why, but I am sad. At work I was sad, even driving back from work I was sad. But then lightening struck me, well not literally ofcourse (as I am still writing this post)*.

*Lame Alert!!! Apologies!

This lightening told me to accept my sadness and instead express gratitude to all the good things I have in life. Believe me its a task specially when you are feeling down already, but I forced myself to thank the car, the empty roads, a good productive day at work, completed tasks, healing class tomorrow…

My point?

It’s always good to feel and accept all of our emotions, even the ones we think are negative. They need an outlet and if not released can cause even more negative emotions and even depression. Allow your feeling to flow outward, don’t judge them or condemn them. I think we have all gone through that we want to move quickly from what we feel is a negative emotion as fast as we can. But, Thing is when our hearts are sad we can’t just jump to joy, and then we get frustrated that we can’t so feel even worse. Taking time to feel sad then time to feel angry, discouraged, overwhelmed and then frustrated releases all the emotions that are associated with each other. In time you will feel the release as you work it and you will begin to feel hopeful. Somedays it comes quickly and other times not. Just keep on cancelling out the negative with the power of the positive!!

Peace Out!!


Daily Dose of Inspiration – Consistency Is Key

Maintaining a desirable vibration will consistently create desirable experiences. An inconsistent vibration will create inconsistent results. This information is very important and very valuable, because it can help you obtain more attractive results when applying the law of attraction to your life.

If you were to only think about what you want a few times each day as if it is in your current reality, you would only be feeling the feelings of living your dreams for a small portion of each day and due to the law of attraction, you would only attract a few experiences that match the vibration you have maintained for short periods of time.

In order to truly generate the type of results most people would like to generate when utilizing the law of attraction, you must focus on what you want for the majority of each day. As a result of this focus, you will feel as if you already have what you want for the majority of each day and thus attract experiences of having what you want for the majority of each day. It is also important that you avoid activities that make you feel differently than the way you want to feel, the way you would feel if your dreams were a reality for you right now. If you are used to watching TV or listening to others talk about their problems, but these experiences do not make you feel the way you want to feel, then you need to find a way to replace these experiences with experiences that are a better match to what you want.

Its your life, Make it a PRIORITY!!

Daily Dose of Inspiration – You Are Energy

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Are you used to thinking in terms of ‘vibes’? You pick up on the vibrational energy you get from other people – their vibrations speak volumes, even before they open their mouth to speak! You pick up on people’s energy when you take an instant like or dislike to someone. Some people walk into a room and immediately the crowd moves toward them; or, they may find themselves completely alone at a table while everyone chats happily on the opposite end of the room. Or, you walk into a house and you instantly comfortable or uneasy. You can’t explain why, it’s just a feeling you get.

Vibrational energy is not just about manifesting. Be aware that everything, yes, absolutely everything, has an energetic vibration. For example, essential oils have a vibration – rose vibrates at 320 MHz! Thoughts, herbs, food, songs, etc. all have energy. If you surround yourself with high-vibrating objects and think high-vibrating thoughts of love, peace and compassion, you cannot help but attract similar energies!

Things move quickly and easily, with graceful flow, in the higher vibrational energies.Doesn’t that sound better than hard work, sacrifice, struggle, hardship, darkness, heaviness and negativity? Change your vibrational energy… and you will change your life.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Intuition > Knowledge

Carl Jung noted, “Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.”

Intuitions play the role that observations do in science: they support and undermine various theories. Conceptual analyses are rejected when intuitive counterexamples are presented. Moral theories are rejected when they lead to intuitively revolting results. Theories of mind and language and metaphysics rise and fall depending on how well they can be made to fit our intuitions, even in bizarre science fiction hypothetical scenarios. 

But why trust our intuitions? Our intuitions often turn out to contradict each other, or they are contradicted by empirical evidence, or they vary between people and between groups of people. Compared to scientific methods, the philosopher’s use of intuitions as his primary tool doesn’t seem to have been very productive. Also, we can’t calibrate our intuitions, because wherever we have a non-intuition standard against which to calibrate our intuitions, we don’t need to use intuition in the first place. Moreover, philosophers have typically known very little about where their intuitions come from, and why they should trust them in the first place!

My take on it, beyond the complex scientific words is, if you have a hunch/intuition/gut-feeling, trust it completely. Learning to trust your intuition will be one of the more significant journeys you will take to reach the peak of your authenticity towards your natural talents and expectations in every aspect of your life.



Daily Dose of Inspiration – Good Vibration

The best indication of your alignment is your “feeling”. When you feel good it just means your “physical vibration” is in alignment with the vibration of life (your true nature) and when you feel bad it just means, in this moment, your vibration is in resistance with the vibration of life. Negative thoughts cause you to feel bad, also residual negative energy within the body can cause you to feel bad. When you feel good it’s either because you are observing something, in your physical reality, that you are enjoying or because you are thinking some thoughts that make you feel joy or because you are just at peace with this moment. Whatever be the reason, if you are feeling good it means in this moment you are aligned with the movement of life.

Reach for the “Good Feeling”. It’s a choice that you need to make. At every moment you have the choice to lean in the direction of joy or to lean in the direction of negativity. Being calm, being in appreciation, being at peace, relaxing, resting, being effortless, following your excitement, feeling gratitude, staying positive, are all means of leaning towards the vibration of life. While being identified with negative thoughts of the mind, struggling, making effort, complaining, being restless, feeling lack are means of leaning away from the vibration of life. When you lean towards the vibration of life you move towards feeling good, and as you lean away from this natural vibration you keep feeling bad.

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Detachment

Detaching yourself from others’ behaviors is great, in theory, but it’s a difficult thing to actually do. It takes a lot of personal strength and mental bravery to recognize that you can be happy and positive no matter what other people do. It’s completely possible — it’s just hard. I mean how can you have a good relationship with someone and not care what they do?? How can you remain unaffected with whatever your loved ones do?

But psychologist say that by not caring, we can stop trying to change those we love. We can fully accept them for who they are and, as a result, be at peace with whatever they do. This will give you peace of mind and will let the other person has his peace of mind too.

So how do we go about it? Well, I have a few personal favourites that I would like to share here:

/ Remember that you are powerless over others. No matter what you would like to believe, you have zero control over others. Realize this and you will free yourself from a lot of mental anguish.

/ Focus on the positive things about yourself. Sometimes when we’re dealing with an upsetting behavior, we forget to focus on the positive things about ourselves — like our strength or our resilience. Remind yourself of your awesomeness. 

/ Find your own unique sources of happiness. Relying 100% on one person is a big no-no when it comes to having a happy relationship. It’s key to find some activities/people you can enjoy outside of the relationship you have with a significant other and/or family member.

The idea of “live and let live” is a tough one to abide by. In theory it sounds great, but it’s hard to keep it in mind when you’re dealing with loved ones who, let’s face it, can drive you crazy at times. It’s incredibly difficult not to be influenced by the people we surround ourselves with and, unfortunately, we can’t always choose who we have around us. And, for that reason, we have to make the most of the relationships in our lives. It’s tempting to be critical and to want to change others, but remember that change must come from within and it’s not up to us to change other people.






Daily Dose of Inspiration – Mind Conditioning

When born into this world, we get plunged into a river of information, where each one of us is forced to play a role in this drama/game that seems to have been written by a crazy idiot. The pure, empty and virgin mind of the child has no alternative but to identify, assimilate the rules and participate in this game of civilisation.

The human mind is one of nature’s greatest achievements because of its infinite potential. Its potential is so astonishing that if you learn how to unlock its full potential, anything is possible. So how to re-program our minds? How to be the happy self like we were once? I can suggest the easiest way to do this. Something that you must have never imagined.

Go To Sleep..!! Yes 🙂

Researchers have proved that people can be conditioned with behaviors in their sleep and then exhibit those same behaviors when they’re awake, without any memory of the earlier training.  Have you ever wondered why time always seems to fly whenever you’re doing something interesting? It’s because you don’t keep looking at your watch every few minutes. Something you would have probably done if you were in a situation where you were feeling bored. Because the subconscious mind doesn’t have a sharp sense of time you’d feel like you’ve hardly spent any time while doing a joyful activity. The same happens when you fall asleep. When you go to sleep your conscious mind becomes dormant while your subconscious mind stays awake.

When you get into the bed every night, just take few minutes to think about what you want in life. Imagine it as if it has come true, if that brings smile to your face, be set assured that the mind conditioning as started. Do it night after night, till the time it becomes a natural habit, so much so that even during your conscious waking time, all you can think about is what can go right in the directions of your dreams.

Try it!…Its Harmless. Good luck